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We work hard to get you into your dream home… then we get protection in place to make sure you keep it.

Telling it how it is, advice from brenda:

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Brenda Nom

Mortgage and Insurance Adviser

I have been in business helping people like yourself since February 2012!
Prior to that was at a local bank for 8 years. LOVE helping clients save money and get into their own home!

Leana Walker

Insurance Administrator

Has been with the A team since February 2017 and prior to that was at a local bank all of her career so very experienced understanding world of banking and insurance

Sasha Moore

Lending Administrator

Has been with the A team since September 2017 and prior to that was working for a local bank. Her whole career so once again very experienced in the knowledge of banking.

Let me help you into your dream home, and protect you and your future.


Let us do all the legwork at no cost to you, save yourself time and money.


We know insurance, find out today the best way to protect yourself or those you love.

Debt Consolidation

Want to find out if there’s a better way to organise and pay your debt?

Brenda and the team made the house buying process so easy for us. Having already gone through an application process with one bank ourselves we quickly realised how time consuming it was going to be to do the same with each bank until we found a good fit – and how much time off work that was going to mean!

Once we went to Brenda we had options from 3 different banks within a week, then finalised our mortgage quickly after that. Such a great service and no extra or hidden costs. Too easy!

The McMillans